PRIVARY becomes

PRIVARY was recently acquired by the world-renowned security app LockMyPix. What does that mean for you now?

You can of course continue to use PRIVARY, but there will be no more regular updates. Fact is, PRIVARY will be completely shut down sometime in the near future.

But that’s not a problem 😉 We at LockMyPix now enable you as a Premium PRIVARY user to switch smoothly. The following steps will help you:


Send us a screenshot of your current subscription. Or an invoice. If you write us, please write „PtoL“ in the subject line. Then our support team knows immediately and will initiate everything else! After that we will send you a premium code. 


Make a backup of your current PRIVARY vault.


Go to the App Store , install LockMyPix and set up your vault with the same password (VERY IMPORTANT!!!) that you use for PRIVARY.


Now you can redeem your code, restore your PRIVARY backup and use all the LockMyPix Premium features unlimited.

If you have any further questions then feel free and write to

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